Thursday, July 3, 2014

Photoshop Fun

When I first started shooting pictures in high school, (I'm dating myself) Kodachrome and Tri-X were my two favorite 35mm films. Shooting for commercial clients with a Hasselblad, EPR and PLUS-X became my favorite 120mm films. This was my style. Good color, clean and simple. Photographer's styles are so diverse these days with the help of Photoshop actions and Lightroom presets. The digital camera shoots a RAW image (a negative) and the laptop is your lab. One image can create a variety of looks with a few adjustments. Pretty nice!! Thanks Adobe, Apple, and Nikon, I love you all.

Here's a few images I created over the weekend with my new MacBook Pro and Photoshop CC. A big upgrade from my old G5 & CS3. I wasn't happy with the actions included with the software so I watched several You Tube videos and worked up a few of my own.

Slight pastel colors-gradient map pastel and desaturation.

E6 to C41 cross processing- curves and color overlay.

Crazy colors-gradient map spectrums/saturation. Warhol would have loved this.

Layers-textures/sepia tones.

I created a promo with the pastel image and posted it on my Facebook page this morning.

Come find me!! xxo Carolyn Mc