Friday, March 24, 2017

Before and After

This is my first "before and after" post on my blog. It's a simple example of how soft lighting, posing, wardrobe and really great makeup can turn a simple portrait into an interesting image.

Shot with a D700 Nikon camera with a 24-70mm lens with two strobes, one outside a diffused window by a silk and the other behind my camera shooting into the ceiling for a little fill. Both strobes were powered way down to let the natural light coming through the window be the primary light.

Posing is about recognizing your subjects body shape and making them feel comfortable and confident. At first this young lady was a bit nervous but grew to trust me after seeing a few images, also her amazing eyes made it super easy to make that eyes-to-lens connection.

Working with whatever wardrobe your subject brings can be a challenge. I always try and pick out simple patterns and layer a few things to make it interesting. In my humble opinion, busy bright colors and patterns only take away the impact of the portrait.

My background is primarily in commercial (advertising/editorial/catalog) photography, and that is where I learned how important it is to have a skilled and talented hair & makeup artist work with you at a session. They are such an important element to the overall feel and look of an image. If you find a good makeup artist to work with, hold on to them!! They will make your job so much easier.