Thursday, August 21, 2014

My Second Wedding

I have shot two weddings in my professional career. The first wedding was for one of my best friends and the second (this one) was for a friend of hers. So, in all honestly, I wouldn't call myself a wedding photographer. But, I have to admit, shooting weddings for people when it is their second (if not third) time down the aisle is a lot of FUN. I even made a joke about starting a photography business shooting the more mature, typically less stressful weddings, and calling it, "Second Time Down The Aisle."

Geri & Jeff

When Geri contacted me about shooting her small backyard wedding I was a bit apprehensive. But when she said she didn't want a traditional wedding photographer but one that would take a more fly-on-the-wall/journalistic approach, I was interested. She had remembered me from Lee's wedding and she thought I was cool. I'm not called cool very often so that was good. :)

Geri's attention to detail and casual approach to the wedding weekend was flawless. The ceremony was simple, emotional and honest. To me, the weekend became more of a blending of two families and Geri & Jeff made sure that everyone felt welcome. They also wanted everyone to have fun, serious fun, non-stop action fun and with the "kids" ranging from 10-27 that took a bit of creativity and they graciously pulled it off with the girls starting out with a trip to the spa and the boys blasting each other playing paintball.

Being a full weekend of shooting I asked my husband, who is also a photographer, to join me. I think our images blended nicely together in style.

Here is a glimpse of what we shot.

I forgot to add that it rained pretty much the whole weekend and the backyard wedding became an indoor wedding. But it didn't stop the fun. xxoCarolyn

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